Warmup Edge Class – Part 6 (Rohene Ward)

Coach and choreographer Rohene Ward finishes his warm-up edge class for advanced skaters. This class is performed to a variety of music and the emphasis is on warming up, mastering skating skills, and improving performance skills.

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This video begins with a forward inside loop into forward inside three turn then edge change pull into back inside loop. Rohene wants the skaters to focus on creating “the pressure at the top of the loop and letting the arms have that natural circular motion.” The exercise is then repeated on the other foot. Also notice that the skaters have to one-foot stop at the end of each pattern, performing a basic “cut” to a balanced stop. This sequence takes both patience and control. Rohene warns against hitting the toe pick on the back inside loop and he encourages skaters to hold the edge longer before performing the loop itself.

The next exercise starts with four intro steps for speed followed by a forward outside double three into a forward cross under lunge which resolves into a short inside spread eagle. The skaters then recross the feet and restart the sequence with a double three on the other foot. Notice the variation in how this exercise looks with the various body types. Rohene isn’t pleased with this, and would like more uniformity in terms of how the exercise is performed.

The final exercise is a series of repeated alternating lobes where each lobe consists of a back chassé with strong reach behind into an edge pull onto the other lobe where the skater repeats on the on the other foot. Notice the counter-rotation of the shoulders and hips and the knee-action that gives the overall pattern a very natural and rhythmic feel. Rohene repeated asks for stronger pushes and pushing with “the whole blade.”


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