Walley into Lutz Examples

A number of presenting coaches on iCoachSkating have recommended using a walley as a difficult entrance to the lutz jump (typically the double lutz or triple lutz). For example see these teaching videos by Audrey Weisiger and Page Lipe (variation including 2 rockers). Many coaches have also recommended using arm variations on the walley including Michelle Leigh. The following videos were submitted by iCoachSkating subscribers showing skaters performing a lutz preceded by a difficult entry with a walley with arm variations.

Here is skater Nadezhda Popova doing a walley double lutz. Her coach is Maria and she skates in Tyumen, Russia (in Siberia).

Here is skater Alexandra Tarasova also doing a walley double lutz. She is also coached by Maria and she also skates in Tyumen, Russia (in Siberia).

And here is Canadian Novice skater Tim Pomares performing a walley triple lutz.  Tim is coached by Kerri Roberts.


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