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Figure Skating Videos
of 2013

These figure skating videos were voted the top videos at in 2013.  These videos represent some of the best figure skating tips from some of the top figure skating coaches in the world.

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#1 – Tom Zakrajsek teaches an axel class.  Tom covers every aspect of the axel in this 7-part series.  (The entire 7-part series is included and is therefore free to all visitors!)  Great stuff!!!
#2 – Nick Perna teaches the flip jump.  Nick introduces the flip jump and covers important concepts and foundational information.  This is the first part of a 4 part series.
#3 – Kori Ade teaches an off-ice jump class.  This video is a portion of the class that focused on quickness, rhythm, and balance.
  #4 – Chris Conte teaches an edge class in Korea.  Chris offers methods to generate edge power while maintaining posture and alignment.  This is the first of a 7 part series.  Part 7 is also included below as a free video in this countdown.
  #4a – Chris Conte finishes his edge class in Korea with an important drill using a hockey puck.  This drill helps improve power pull power generation and alignment and reach for lutz take-off.
#5 – Trevor Laak compares 3 different triple lutzes.  Trevor compares triple lutz jumps of Ryan Bradley, Max Aaron, and Brandon Mroz.  The video discusses common misconceptions and shows the wide range of technique that can be used to accomplish the lutz.
#6 – Frank Carroll shares details of proper air position for jumps.  Frank discusses the backspin and describes the asymmetrical air position required for rotating fast while giving the best chance for successful landings.


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