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Camel Spin Lesson – Fixing Common Errors (Charyl Brusch)

Figure skating spin specialist Charyl Brusch works with a skater on a relatively new camel spin. After watching an initial camel attempt, Charyl has this skater do a forward spiral down the ice to work the camel position. She mentions the skater’s awkward-looking fingers (shows the claw), but mainly she’s concerned that the skater can […]

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Figure Skating Jumps – Are Figure Skaters Projectiles? (Trevor Laak)

Below is a revised and updated version (2022) of an article originally published in 2007 by Trevor Laak on his SkateCoach/ blog which details jump height estimates based on jump air times. That article can be found at this link. The idea is simple: Ignoring negligible air friction and aerodynamic effects, once a skater leaves […]

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