Tom Hickey

Tom Hickey is the Director of Figure Skating at Shattuck-St. Mary’s School, a boarding prep school in Faribault, MN.  He is a PSA Master rated coach with US National, International, and Jr. World Championship coaching experience.  He holds a PSA Level V ranking.

Previous to his position at SSM, Hickey directed the figure skating program of the Arts Academy Charter Middle School in Allentown, PA.  Prior to that Hickey held his current position with SSM and before that, he was the Director of Skating at Twin Rinks Ice Pavilion, in Buffalo Grove, IL.  From 1985 until 1997 he was Director of Skating at Niles Iceland in Niles, IL.

Possessing a strong background in both competitive ISI and USFS skating, Hickey has also developed and collaborated on unique figure skating programs such as Power Plus, Summer Recreation Camp, Coaches Education Program (CEP) and the Twin Rinks Performance Skating School. Hickey is a member of the ISI, PSA and the USFSA, and has served as the District Director Board Member of the Ice Skating Institute.  He has also served on the PSA Board of Governors.

The Shattuck-St. Mary’s Figure Skating Program is a training environment that combines a college preparatory academic program with intensive figure skating training.  This unique program is intended to serve competitive student athletes who are committed to a rigorous daily training schedule.  SSM offers the only integrated elite figure skating program along with the challenging academics in a boarding school environment.  SSM is committed to helping student athletes be better students, better athletes, and better citizens.

Most recent videos at the top…

Cha Cha Cha Exercise for Double/Triple/Quad Loop (Tom Zakrajsek)
World and Olympic coach Tom Zakrajsek shares an exercise he uses for developing the necessary tightness in the feet on double loop, triple loop, and even quad loop. Tom calls this exercise “cha cha cha” as this is a memorable… Continue reading
Figure Skating Training Tools: Skate Spinner For Footwork And Spins (Tom Hickey)
In this video, Tom Hickey continues his explanation of how to use a Skate Spinner effectively for training. In this video, Tom discusses spins and footwork.
Figure Skating Training Tools: Skate Spinner For Jumps (Tom Hickey)
In this video, Tom Hickey shows how to use a Skate Spinner for jump development.
Figure Skating Rotation Training For Beginners (Tom Hickey)
Tom Hickey describes some basic on-ice drills he uses to help very beginners learn to rotate. As in aprevious clip, he is assisted by his daughter Maddie.
Ice Skating Jumps: Take Off Drills (Tom Hickey)
Tom Hickey describes some basic on-ice take-off drills he uses with his skaters for axel, toe loop, and flip. These exercises are aimed at developing balance, strength and control.
Off Ice Jump Training: Walkthroughs (Tom Hickey)
Tom describes and Taylor demonstrates off-ice drills and walkthroughs for lutz/flip, toe loop, and salchow. Tom is a strong advocate for off-ice jump drills and these drills have helped make his skaters successful. Notice how precisely the walkthroughs should be executed.
Off Ice Jump Training: Axel And Double Axel Drills (Tom Hickey)
Tom describes and Taylor demonstrate off-ice jump drills that build to axel and double axel.
Off Ice Jump Training Figure Skaters: Basics (Tom Hickey)
Tom and Taylor demonstrate off-ice jump drills at the Shattuck-St. Mary’s Gymnasium. In this video, Tom introduces drills that focus on rotation and landing stability.
Waltz Jump Tips For Beginners (Tom Hickey)
Tom Hickey has help from his daughter Maddie showing how to introduce a young beginner skater to the waltz jump.
Figure Skating Jump Exercises: Bell Jump (Tom Hickey)
Tom explains the "bell jump" drill he uses to develop quickness. Summer and Taylor demonstrate the bell and the "cross-over jump" with the waltz jump.
Figure Skating Video: Moving Jump Drill (Tom Hickey)
Tom explains a drill that consists of a series of half jumps and builds to a long sequence of jumps and rotations to develop skater control and jump flow and rhythm. Tom provides tips and recommendations to help the demonstrating skater improve the drill.
Figure Skating Jump Technique – Series Of Drills (Tom Hickey)
Tom explains and describes some very helpful jump drills that help his skaters develop control and proper alignment as well as familiar feelings for weight transfers and air positions.
Figure Skating Jump Exercises: Organizational Drill (Tom Hickey)
Tom Hickey describes and explains an "Organizational Drill with Multi-Jump Setups." This drill provides for effective and efficient use of on-ice sessions.
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