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So Why Skating Jump Secrets?

Recently a survey was conducted of hundreds of figure skating coaches.  The survey asked simple questions about one of the 6 main figure skating jumps.

The survey results show that coaches disagree widely about jump mechanics.  That means there’s a lot of confusion regarding the most fundamental aspects of jumping.

Is There A “Best Way” To Do The Jumps?

Top coaches have been sharing ideas for years on how to properly teach and execute all the jumps in skating.  But the survey results suggest that their message is being lost.

Coaches appear to have very strongly-held beliefs about the jumps.  And those beliefs are blinding many coaches from the message and truths shared by elite coaches.

Is This Really New?

To some, the information at this website will be nothing but a confirmation of their existing beliefs.  They already know these concepts, and in fact they’ve probably known them for a long time.

But to others…

This Information Will Seem Radical!

The survey results show a huge percentage of coaches disagree with the information presented here.

On top of that, a number of online forums have had some heated discussions about the information on this website.  This just goes to prove how much disagreement there really is.

Why Should You Care?

If you’re a coach, you absolutely must be aware of this information, even if you disagree with it.  Your skaters are relying on your knowledge to help them succeed.  Of the more than 350 coaches who have seen these videos, not a single elite coach has told me they disagree with the technical content.

If you’re a skater, you absolutely want to make sure you’re learning your jumps with the most efficient technique and mechanics possible.  That will help you learn them faster and keep them.

If you’re a skating parent, you can be a powerful force to help spread the word and make sure your skater’s coach is aware of this vital information.

“There Are No Secrets”

As a coach, I’ve been very lucky.  A number of top coaches have been very generous with their time and knowledge.  My coaching mentors have repeatedly emphasized they were happy to share because “There are no secrets.”

And they’re right!

Elite coaches have been sharing information about proper jump mechanics for years.  But based on all the confusion uncovered by the survey, many coaches just haven’t picked up on some of the most important concepts.

It seems that certain concepts need more emphasis.  Which brings us to…

The Purpose Of This Website

My goal with sharing this information is to raise the awareness of these concepts.  I believe everyone should know this information.  If everyone knew and fully understood the information at this website, we’d see a lot more skaters with great jumps.

I’m passionate about skating and jumping and I hope you find this information helpful.

Trevor Laak
Skating Coach and Technical Consultant


Oh, one last thing…

I don’t expect you to believe anything I say.  I’ll show you video proof of all claims made in these videos.  See for yourself and make your own decisions.

But keep this in mind.  Some skaters may see astonishing results immediately.  How do I know?  Because it’s happened many times when I’ve shared these ideas with skaters.

These “Secrets” Work For Average Skaters Too.

These jump secrets were obtained largely by analyzing the jumps of elite skaters.  But the concepts can also propel average skaters to new heights.  Good mechanics lead to consistent, confident jumps.

So fill in your info in the form above and I’ll send you the videos and reports, so you can decide for yourself.

See what coaches are saying about Skating Jump Secrets:

Chris Conte: Thank you for sharing this Trevor! Great JOB! This is a GREAT coaches education resource you have created.Kim: This is the site to use to open your mind to new information. Thanks for the insights applied to single jumps which are rarely covered in most training. Your site is well designed, captivating, and truly motivational!

Lori: Great idea and great site!! I think as coaches we automatically recite what the rulebooks define as a clean jump but know that the biomechanics behind the jump actually dictate something different…keep the videos and insights coming, who can we learn from if not each other?

Judi: Thanks for the technical insights! I truly agree this is beneficial to visually reaffirm the biomechanics of the physical side of jumping. As a coach it especially will help my skaters psychologically by conquering the fear of the new “double” or “triple” jump. Perhaps we need to rename the jumps in degrees of actual rotation like skiers do.

Kathi: Thank you Trevor for all your efforts. I joke with my students that the only reason jump technique is so fraught with misconceptions is that they were defined before super-slow-mo was invented.

Gail King: Thank you so much. What a great idea. If the US is ever going to recapture a world leadership position in this sport, it needs all coaches getting the basic principles correct. The opportunity cost it takes to correct incorrectly taught techniques to a skater is immeasurable.

Juner: Wonderful support for coaches…great for reassuring technique…I soaked in every word, but I want more and more….keep going…I love to learn!

Martie: Anytime we get the conversation going, we advance the sport.  Thank you for your expertise.

See what skaters are saying about Skating Jump Secrets:

Kate:  This information is a huge help. It boosted my confidence going into my jumps. Thanks.Megan: I think the information given for the loop jump is excellent. The loop jump is broken down really well and gives skaters a good understanding of how to execute the jump.

S.C.:  Wow, this helped me land my double loop in one session! Thank you!


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