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Figure Skating Videos
of 2010

These figure skating videos were voted the top videos at in 2010. These videos represent some of the best figure skating tips from some of the top figure skating coaches in the world.

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#1 – Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger discusses some extremely beneficial exercises for lutz.  The focus is improving and developing a comfort level with the critical back outside edge.
#2 – Olympic coach Michelle Leigh discusses how she develops the axel from the waltz jump. This video is packed with critical and useful information for building an axel.
#3 – Figure Skating Spin Specialist Bobbe Shire explains how she introduces the layback spin. Bobbe breaks it down and offers great suggestions to teach this beautiful spin.  This video has helped hundreds of coaches and skaters with the challenging layback.
#4 – Sheila Thelen and Nick Perna conduct a spin class for advanced skaters. This is a long vide and it’s filled with many tidbits of helpful information.
#4 continued – Nick Perna discusses the “sweet spot” or “slippery spot” for spinning during a low level spin class. For spin efficiency, all spins should be performed on the sweet spot and Nick shows how to find it.
#5 – Olympic coach Michelle Leigh explains her approach to teaching the salchow. This video is packed with important information that may be easy to overlook.
#6 – Spin Specialist Bobbe Shire talks about the theory and practice of change foot spins and focuses on sit-change-sit. The theoretical discussion is priceless and the practical tips of accomplishing the change of foot are easy to understand and perform.


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