Warmup Edge Class – Part 4 (Rohene Ward)

Coach and choreographer Rohene Ward continues his warm-up edge class for advanced skaters. This class is performed to a variety of music and the emphasis is on warming up, mastering skating skills, and improving performance skills.

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This video begins where Part 3 left off with Rohene focusing on a difficult back outside edge stretch position where the goal is to create a good line. This position is challenging for most skaters and even this group of advanced skaters is struggling. Notice the need to lean with the body but manage the arm position such that both hands are at or above shoulder height. The body lean is outside the circle and slightly away from the direction of travel (backwards). Notice the tendency for these skaters to dramatically drop the trailing arm. After helping a number of the skaters with the position, he has the class again do the full exercise from the previous video.

The next exercise is intended to improve foot and turn quickness. The exercise is a back outside three turn followed immediately by a forward choctaw from the forward inside edge. Next there is a cross in front onto a back outside edge on the other foot, a power pull and then a step down onto a back outside edge on the other foot to repeat the pattern. This sequence then repeats down the ice. Rohene wants the skaters to hold and stretch the forward inside edge entry to the mohawk, with the free hip dropped slightly.

The final exercise is just a repeating series of twizzles down the ice. The skaters are doing forward inside swizzles, switching feet and direction down the ice. The first pair of twizzles have the hands in front in a frame position. The next set has the hands on the hips, while the remaining pairs have the hands clasped above the head and finally behind the body. Rohene is continuously emphasizing the need to pull the shoulders down, as even these advanced skaters are tensing up and raising the shoulders during some of the twizzles.


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