ENTRY DEADLINE: November 19, 2018

Best Single Axel
Video Contest

Do you have a great axel?
Does your son or daughter have a great axel?
If you’re a coach, do your skaters have great axels?

Get that axel into the iCoachSkating
Best Single Axel Video Contest!


1. Submit a video of one “single axel.” Get close enough or zoom in so we can REALLY SEE IT! You can use any camera angle.

2. The video should be LESS THAN 10 SECONDS long.

3. No special effects. No slow motion. No music.

4. No special dress or costume required or necessary.

5. Judging will be based on: technique, flight time, speed & overall appeal.

6. Video must be submitted by an adult (18+ years old). Video of those under 18 years old must be submitted by a parent or legal guardian.

7. Limited to one entry per skater.

8. Video may be seen by thousands of people (so make it a good one!).

9. Event limited to the first 100 videos per age category (see below) – SO GET THEM IN NOW!



The contest will be broken up into 4 age groups and
the same prize money will be awarded for all age groups.
Group 1 = ages 5-10
Group 2 = ages 11-14
Group 3 = 15+
Group 4 = ADULTS (learned axel after age 19)


ENTRY DEADLINE: November 19, 2018


(same amount for each age group)

1st Place: $100.00 US Dollars *
2nd Place: $75.00 US Dollars *
3rd Place: $25.00 US Dollars *



To submit your video, send an email with subject line “Axel Contest” to:


In the body of the email, please include:
1. Skater’s name
2. Skater’s age

Attach to the email:
1. Video of axel
2. Fully completed application form

You must download, fill out, and submit an application form. Incomplete or missing applications will not be processed. Download the application form using one of the download buttons on this page. We will confirm receipt of your completed contest application by reply email.

After the November 19 entry deadline, the contestants in each age group will be narrowed by a panel of judges. Once the finalists have been selected, iCoachSkating will host an online “Like & Share” contest for the finalists on the iCoachSkating Facebook page.

The Facebook portion of the contest will start on Friday, November 23 and run through Friday, November 30. Finalists will be notified no later than November 21st, 2018 of their selection to participate in the online challenge. Overall contest winners in each age group will be chosen by at least 3 Qualified Judges (75% of total score) and the Facebook Online Favorite popular vote (25% of total score).

Winners will be announced by November 30, 2018 and prize money will be distributed within 3 days. ALL DECISIONS ARE FINAL. We reserve the right not to publish videos for any reason, including but not limited to inappropriate content of any kind.

If you have questions, please direct them to contest manager Sheila Thelen at Email: SkatingJumpContest@gmail.com


ENTRY DEADLINE: November 19, 2018


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