Warmup Edge Class – Part 2 (Rohene Ward)

Coach and choreographer Rohene Ward continues his warm-up edge class for advanced skaters. This class is performed to very slow, bluesy music and the emphasis is on warming up, mastering skating skills, and improving performance skills.

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The first exercise in this video is a just a repeating series of forward crossovers followed by pushes onto strong forward inside edges. The focus is on creating a strong push, but more advanced skaters should emphasize the performance of the upper body and head movement. Rohene explains the need to “skate with your sternum up” and he also emphasizes the sharp head movements as well as the need to “stay in formation.”

To work on formation skating and some new skills, Rohene does another exercise consisting of a forward outside crossover followed by an upright stretch on a forward outside edge to finish the circle, then collect the feet on the final half circle and allow the shoulders to twist out of the circle before repeating on the other side. The process repeats down the ice. Rohene wants the free side leg and hip lifted throughout the exercise, and he explains the shoulder position and timing and notes the “free leg doesn’t swing past.”

The final exercise in this videos is essentially the same as the previous exercise, with the upright stretch position replaced by a forward outside spiral. Rohene allows 2 extra beats of music for each spiral, so the timing of the exercises changes but the overall pattern remains nearly identical. Rohene explains the positions and movements and demonstrates the necessary re-bend prior to the push onto the next circle.

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