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Figure Skating Videos
of 2008

These figure skating videos were voted the top videos at in 2008. ( was launched on June 27, 2008!) These videos represent some of the best figure skating tips from some of the top figure skating coaches in the world.

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#1 – Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger describes how to teach a flying camel. Audrey discusses common problems and provides solutions to “flying waltz jumps” and “flying salchows.” With drills and diagrams, this is an excellent video!
#2 – Chris Conte describes and shows a full development program for teaching the double salchow. Chris uses a demonstrator to show the drills and these drills are appropriate for single, double, and triple salchow development.
#3 – Nick Perna describes how to teach a lutz to avoid the dreaded flutz problem. See how the lutz relates to a power-pull or ‘cut.’ Also learn “The Flick” and become familiar with the necessary pigeon-toe position. Amazing!
#3 continued – This is part 2 of Nick Perna’s lutz video.  Nick discusses the “reach back”, proper ice traces, actual distances, and compares the trace to that of a flip. He also discusses how to handle advanced skaters with a flutz problem.
#4 – Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger shares solutions for toe axel. Audrey clearly shows and describes what a toe axel is and she suggests 2 drills that can help a skater eliminate the toe axel. These exercises should be learned by all skaters learning a double toe loop.
#5 – Sheila Thelen discusses more ceiling harness safety issues. Then she demonstrates common jump setups when using a ceiling harness. Sheila provides tips and patterns that all coaches can use. Again this is so basic and important to our sport that is offering this freely to all of our guests.
#6 – Chris Conte discusses “3 Turn Magic” which is a system for developing walk-throughs of jumps. These drills are outstanding for developing skater alignment, stability and control.


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