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The purpose of this page is to demonstrate the value of the information on through the words of our subscribers and presenters.  They sing our praises better than we ever could.

If you’re sitting on the fence and can’t decide whether to join or not, watch the videos and read the comments on this page. is helping people every day.  Maybe we could help you too.  (Plus you have nothing to lose with our 30 day money-back guarantee!)

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Olympic Coach Audrey Weisiger (presenter and subscriber)


“A special message for adult skaters”

National and International Coach Nick Perna (presenter and subscriber)

Emma Withrow – Coach (subscriber)

Chris Conte – National and International Coach and Choreographer (presenter and subscriber)

Sheila Thelen – Coach and Inventor of Champion Cords (presenter and subscriber)

Nick Perna – message to coaches

“I feel very secure”

I feel very secure in my teaching principles because of the generosity of the coaches that have provided videos on this site. They have guided me over the years on my teaching technique. This site allows me to review the skills over and over for clarity and new understanding as my skater’s skill progresses.

Deborah – coach


“I feel so much more confident”

I love your website. I felt intimidated asking other coaches how they were teaching a skill and I was feeling very insecure about my teaching. I wanted to be a better coach for my students and for my confidence.

After being part of, I feel so much more confident as a coach! I feel so much more organized and solid in my techniques for teaching. I feel that I can communicate my techniques so much more clearly and my students respond by learning the skill quicker.

I used to have a really difficult time teaching particular skills. It may sound silly, but I had a hard time teaching a back spin and a flying camel. Now, my students all have amazing back spins, and flying camels!

I think because I am more confident in my teaching, my students are more confident in their skating. THAT is what is most important result of being a member of icoachskating!

Nancy Blackwell-Grieder, Erie, Colorado

“Up to date, current information on jumps and spins”

Coach Joy Wells, McAllen, Texas


“It’s made such a huge impact on my coaching skills…”

Coach Rachel Patterson, Springfield, Missouri


“Jump using methods learned on iCoachSkating”

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