Warmup Edge Class – Part 1 (Rohene Ward)

Coach and choreographer Rohene Ward leads a warm-up edge class for advanced skaters. The class is warming up with very slow music using 3/4 timing. The exercises are meant to warm up the skaters’ bodies and provide an opportunity to work on mobility, flexibility, and extension on the ice. Due the slow nature of the movements, this is also a chance for these skaters to work on performance skills including musical timing and interpretation.

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The first exercise is performed straight down the ice on two feet and consists of bending the knees deeply while bending the body forward and then coming back up. Notice the wide range of motion desired in the skaters’ backs from full extension to full flexion. Also notice the use of the head to accentuate the movement.

The second exercise is also performed in a straight line down the ice on two feet and is similar to the previous exercise but adds an upright full body back extension as well as a low forward reach which builds hamstring flexibility. Notice the wide variation in the performance level of this exercise among these advanced skaters.

The third exercise is a backwards two foot exercise also performed straight down the rink, mimicking the previous forward exercise. By doing this exercise both forward and backward, the skaters shift balance slightly and learn to master these positions regardless of travel direction.

The fourth exercise is repeating side lunges, with alternating arms and body lean on each lobe. This is great for feeling deep edges, bending the knees deeply, and engaging the core throughout. The skaters switch the exercise to work the other side of their bodies, and they also do backwards versions.


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