Frequently Asked Questions is a membership-based website for skating coaches, adult figure skaters, and skating families, focusing on skating education. The website offers detailed video instruction on “how to figure skate” and “how to teach figure skating.” New videos are added to the site regularly, and users receive email notifications of new content.

iCoachSkating was created by Trevor Laak, a skating coach based in the United States. Trevor runs the day-to-day aspects of the website. Sheila Thelen handles our social media accounts, especially our Facebook page and Twitter feed. To learn more about Trevor and Sheila, please visit our ABOUT US page.

A monthly subscription to is $29.97 re-billed automatically each month.

Annual subscriptions are also available to existing subscribers who know they want to maintain their subscription over a longer period of time. The annual subscription is $267, re-billed automatically every 12 months. This represents a 25% savings over the monthly rate, or 3 free months each year. Subscribers who are interested in this option should contact us using the form on the CONTACT US page.

2-Month gift subscriptions are also available at $59.94. These are a one-time payment and is not re-billed automatically. Some subscribers purchase the gift subscription for themselves. Note that the 2-month gift subscription is exactly the same cost as two months of our regular monthly subscription.

The cost of a subscription is based on a number of factors, including video storage and bandwidth costs, costs to acquire and produce the content, website maintenance costs, and the estimated number of members. Our goal is to keep the cost within the reach of virtually every single coach, adult skater, and skating family.

No, you may NOT download our videos for any reason. Your paid subscription to iCoachSkating gives you the right to log in to our website and view the videos online, but does not give you any ownership rights. It is against the Terms of Service of to download our videos, for any reason, even for personal use.

Yes there are many free videos on the website, but we’ll need to send you the links to those videos. Please use one of the “FREE video” sign-up forms on the website to sign up for this email list so we can send you links to all the free videos, including new free videos when they become available.

Our free member emails provide links to pages that free members have access to. These “free” pages are available to anyone who visits iCoachSkating, but no links are provided on the website detailing their location as they are always changing. Thus, you can learn about these links only by being on our free video email list, or know someone else on the the list who shares the links with you.

There is no need to log in to see these free videos. They are not restricted in any way, and all website visitors can see them.  We send out emails to our free video email list any time a new free video becomes available.

When you register for the free videos at iCoachSkating, you are automatically added to our free video email list, contingent upon you verifying your email address. If you do not verify your email, you are removed from that list.

To make sure that you’re on the free member email list, look around on the site and find one of the free information sign-up boxes. Sign up there. If you’re already signed up for this information, you’ll get a message saying so (no harm done as you can’t be added twice). After you sign up, be sure to verify or confirm your email in the first message we send to you. The subject line will start with “RESPONSE REQUIRED”.

There is very limited information at iCoachSkating on the IJS or International Judging System. We do not maintain updated information on IJS as it is constantly changing. Please contact your skating federation or national coaching organization for information on IJS rules and requirements, as well as specific rules and requirements for your national judging systems.

Almost all of our video analyses discuss air times and some also cover details such as rotation rate, body and joint angles, jump phase timing, and body part trajectories.

Please contact customer support via our contact form on our CONTACT US page for detailed instructions on how to buy a gift subscription. The specifics are different, depending on whether you are an active subscriber or not.

Please contact customer support directly and we will be happy to assist you. You can reach support by filling out the form on our CONTACT US page.

Most subscribers prefer being automatically re-billed as they want a continuous long-term relationship with iCoachSkating. So we only offer an ongoing subscription with automatic billing. However, if you wish to only join for one month/year, subscribe as usual and then cancel your subscription in your PayPal account or reach out using our CONTACT US form and we can cancel for you. Your website access will continue for the remainder of the month/year you’ve paid for.

Yes it is safe to click on that link. We use a highly-respected third party as our primary email delivery service. That service is called Aweber and the confirmation email will come from Aweber is simply reaching out to you to be certain you want to receive information through them from iCoachSkating. After you confirm, all future emails will come from iCoachSkating through the Aweber email servers.

Log in to your PayPal account (not your iCoachSkating account) and under the Profile menu, click on “Update credit card”.

You may cancel your subscription at any time by logging in to your PayPal account (not your iCoachSkating account), finding your subscription to iCoachSkating, and canceling it there yourself. [PayPal –> Profile –> My Money –> My preapproved payments] If you have problems, please contact our support team by using the contact form on our CONTACT US page.

Alternatively, you can simply reach out to us via the CONTACT US page and ask us to cancel the subscription for you.

All new subscribers are eligible for a full refund during the 30 day refund period. To receive a refund, you must request it using the contact form on the CONTACT US page. If you are eligible, we will issue your refund within a day or two. If you are canceling after the refund period, we may not be able to provide you with a full refund, but our support team will reach out and discuss your options. Please note that it may take your bank or credit card 3-5 working days to confirm your refund after we have refunded it on our end.

To change your email address at iCoachSkating, you’ll need to do it in 2 places.

First, you need to click on the link at the bottom of one of the emails we send to you through our Aweber email delivery system. You should see a link at the very bottom that looks like this:

>> To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit:

Click that link and make your changes.

Second, visit your Subscriber Home page and update your email address in your Profile Information.

NOTE: The new email address will then be required for logging in.

All visitors without an active subscription should create a new subscription. Add the new credit card to your PayPal account during the checkout process. If your PayPal email address matches your login email address, your old account with be activated. If you have a new PayPal email address, please contact customer support using the contact form on our CONTACT US page for assistance.

To edit your personal profile, please log in and visit the Personal Profile page.

On this page, you may update your name and email address as well as your password, your address, and your phone number. As a general rule, iCoachSkating does not use any of this information except to contact you in case of a problem. When you first sign up, for security reasons PayPal does not supply us with any information except your name and email address, so that is all that is initially filled in on your profile.

Please keep in mind, if you change your email address on the profile page, you must then use that email address for logging in. However, changing your email address in your profile does not change it in our email delivery service database, so our regular “new video update” emails will still go to your previous address.

When you first subscribe to, two emails are automatically sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account. The first email is a welcome email generated by the website itself and the second is a “confirmation email” generated by our email service provider. If you are not getting our regular email updates, it means you did not “confirm” your email address (or the emails are going to a different address than you expect).

There are a number of reasons that you may not have confirmed your email address for us, but the most common reason is the confirmation email ended up in your spam or bulk folder. If you’ve signed up within the last day or two you may still find the email in that folder. If you do, simply click on the link in that email. But if you cannot find the confirmation email,  you’ll need to manually sign up for our updates.

To manually sign up for updates, please log in to iCoachSkating and visit the Update Email Signup page.

If you have any problems, please contact customer support using our contact form on the CONTACT US page.

You do not have access to certain videos for one of three reasons:

1. Are you an unregistered website visitor? If you are trying to access a page protected for our free members or paid subscribers, you’ll need to register for a free membership or a paid subscription to access those pages.

2. Are you registered as a free member? If so, make sure you’re logged in to see the free member content. If you’re trying to access a page protected for paid subscribers, you’ll need to sign up for a paid subscription to access those pages.

3. Are you a paying subscriber? If so, just log in and you should have access to everything on the website! If not, please contact customer support using the form on the CONTACT US page.

As always, if you have specific questions, please contact customer support using the form on our CONTACT US page.

We use PayPal as our sole payment processor, so you'll need to log in to your PayPal account (not your iCoachSkating account) and change the credit card details there. This is a multi-step process within your PayPal account, and the process changes fairly often. For this reason, please reach out to customer support using the contact form on our CONTACT US page for more information and assistance.

It is likely that your subscription to iCoachSkating was paused or canceled for some reason, most likely due to an issue with your credit card. Because you are already registered on the website you can still log in, but because your subscription is not active, you don’t have access to the videos.

Please check your PayPal account to see if your subscription to iCoachSkating is still active. If it is and you still can’t watch the videos, please contact customer support using our contact form on the CONTACT US page. We will address your problem immediately.

If your subscription to iCoachSkating is no longer active, please create a new subscription here. Once a subscription is canceled in PayPal it cannot be re-activated and a new subscription must be created. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Usually this problem is caused by a credit card issue. If you manually change your credit card at PayPal or your credit card on file at Paypal expires, your subscription to iCoachSkating may automatically be canceled by PayPal. To see if this is the problem, please log into your PayPal account and search for your iCoachSkating subscription. If it has been canceled, you should see it there. To regain access to, please resubscribe here.

If your subscription is still active with PayPal, please contact our support department using the contact form on our CONTACT US page. We will solve the problem promptly.

The videos on the website have been optimized to play on a variety of devices including all computers, iPhones, iPads, and most other smartphones and tablet computers. However, our video format may not play on some devices. Additionally, a small number of older videos on iCoachSkating may not play on certain older devices. If you’re having problems or have any question, please contact iCoachSkating support using our CONTACT US page.



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