HISTORY of Skating Jump Secrets

SkatingJumpSecrets.com was originally created in March 2005, more than 3 years before the launch of iCoachSkating in June 2008. The purpose of the site was to gather in-depth information about the figure skating community and to share some disturbing observations about the lack of knowledge of many of those directly involved in the sport. The goal was to use the information gathered to better understand if a website like iCoachSkating was needed.

SkatingJumpSecrets.com has served its purpose, but the information shared on that site is archived here to provide a snapshot of the world of figure skating in 2005. This section of iCoachSkating is devoted to this “old” information because much (all?) of it is still valid, and some of it is just as relevant and important today as it was in 2005.

The simple fact is, there are still no detailed written rules defining each jump, nor are specific defining details of any of the six primary jumps available from any official figure skating organization, including the International Skating Union, US Figure Skating, Skate Canada, or any other national or international skating body. Even associations of professional coaches who are tasked with educating their coaching members are unwilling to address this important issue.

Because there are no clear and detailed definitions for the jumps, there is naturally a huge amount of misinformation and misunderstanding among figure skating participants regarding the jumps. This fact helps explain the disturbing lack of consistency in the sport regarding teaching methods, with many methods attempting to adhere to “physically impossible” and contradictory mechanics.

The information in this section helps explain the need for a site like iCoachSkating. Based on the success of iCoachSkating since 2008, it is clear that coaches and skaters and skating families all value high quality information about how to figure skate and how to teach figure skating.

To experience this information as it was presented in 2005, please follow these links in order. There is no need to opt in with an email address in Step 1. Just click the Send Me Jump Secrets Now button and you’ll be forwarded to Video 2. Alternatively, you can simply click the links below to step through the process.

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3. Video 3 – The Cause?

4. The Jump Manual

Enjoy and prepare to be surprised by what you discover…