Warmup Edge Class – Part 5 (Rohene Ward)

Coach and choreographer Rohene Ward continues his warm-up edge class for advanced skaters. This class is performed to a variety of music and the emphasis is on warming up, mastering skating skills, and improving performance skills.

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This video begins with a challenging twizzle exercise. It begins with a push into a forward inside twizzle, then a pull into a back outside counter, followed by a forward outside twizzle before performing a back crossover continuing the circle from the counter exit, and finally a back inside three turn. The skater then steps forward and repeats the sequence on the other foot. Rohene has the class do this exercise without music. He wants the skaters to feel like they are entering a forward spin to enter the forward outside twizzle in order to create the necessary rotational energy. This requires the skaters to exit the counter on an edge and use strong ankle bend (“a sit”) to generate edge pressure before coming up out of the knees and ankles to do the actual twizzle. Rohene says, “It’s a timing thing. It’s a press and a rise to help create [rotation].”

The next exercise is a forward outside loop, forward outside three turn, inside pull with an edge change into back outside loop, and finishing with a check before stepping/pushing into the same sequence on the other foot. Rohene wants clean edges with “no toe pick” or scratching.


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