The iCoachSkating Staff

Please use the links to visit the coaches’ pages for more information about each coach and a complete list of their published videos at iCoachSkating.  We are indebted to each of these coaches for sharing their very best information with all of us.  Each of these coaches is committed to improving the sport, and driving innovation and clarification of teaching technique.

(The list is in alphabetical order based on first name.)

Amy Brolsma
Audrey Weisiger
Bobbe Shire
Charlie Tickner
Charyl Brusch
Chris Conte
Douglas Webster
Frank Carroll
Eun Hee Lee
Jeremy Allen
Joan Orvis
Karen Olson
Kate Charbonneau
Kayla Johnson
Kim Ryan
Kirsten Olson
Kori Ade
Kristina Anderson
Laurent Depouilly
Madison Hubbell
Matthew Blair Davis
Michelle Leigh
Nick Perna
Page Lipe
Pasquale Camerlengo
Ryan Bradley
Robert Tebby
Sheila Thelen
The Strategic Method
Tom Hickey
Tom Zakrajsek
Trevor Laak
Tricia Offerdahl
Zach Donohue


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