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iCoachSkating is proud to carry Champion Achievement Charms in our online store. We have over 1000 videos on “how to figure skate” and “how to teach figure skating.” And the vast majority of these videos teach specific skating skills, like spins and jumps.

There really hasn’t been a way to recognize a skater’s accomplishments for these skills…

Until now.

Champion Achievement Charms are small medallions or charms intended to be worn or displayed by a skater who has achieved certain skills and skating-related accomplishments. At this time, these charms are the ONLY permanent way that we acknowledge a skater for these achievements.



Best Figure Skating Gift

Every skater loves Champion Achievement Charms. Not only do these charms make skaters feel special, but they offer a permanent and physical reminder of how hard work and persistence pays off.

These charms also provide motivation to skaters. Not only do skaters feel motivated to “fill out” their collection of charms, but the reminder of previous success can be very powerful when slogging through those frustrating and difficult skating plateaus.

Let’s face it. Figure skating is hard. It’s way more difficult than most people realize. Finally, we have a way to recognize not only a skater’s effort, but the accomplishment that goes along with it.


Wearable Recognition

These charms can be worn or displayed in so many ways. The most obvious is on a charm bracelet. Skaters can customize their charm bracelet so that it “fits their personality” AND shows their accomplishments.

But a bracelet is not the only option. These charms can be worn on a necklace as well. And some skaters pin or sew them to hats or warm-up jackets, while others attach them to their skate bags. Small ribbons can also be attached to the charms to make them look like “mini skating medals.”

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Just click the link below to go to the iCoachSkating online store to buy your charms. We offer flat rate shipping almost everywhere in the world. These charms are beautiful, but if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, we’ll give you a full refund.

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