Warmup Edge Class – Part 3 (Rohene Ward)

Coach and choreographer Rohene Ward continues his warm-up edge class for advanced skaters. This class is performed to a variety of music and the emphasis is on warming up, mastering skating skills, and improving performance skills.

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The first exercise in this video focuses on speed and power and extension. It begins with back crossovers with a step to a forward stretch position diagonally down the full ice before another set of back crossovers to another forward stretch position followed by a back arch on a strong forward outside edge. Rohene describes the back arch as, “hip going forward as we transfer the weight, releasing the back” into the arch when going around the end. He explains this position is essentially the position of a good layback spin.

The next exercise is very rhythmical and requires control and fast feet and good knee action. The steps begin with a forward outside rocker to a back outside edge followed by a cross in front to a back outside edge on the other foot followed by an edge change/pull into a back inside three turn. The previous steps then repeat with the other foot. This overall sequence is repeated as long as possible to fill out the ice. Rohene wants the skaters to “perform” this exercise to music, matching the tempo of the music.

The final exercise in this video begins with a forward inside rocker which exits on a back inside edge before hopping to the back inside edge of the other skate, followed by an edge change/pull into back outside three turn where and then repeating on the other foot. Rohene demonstrates how to create a nice “line” on the slight pause after the edge change just before the three turn.


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