Illusions – Learning an Illusion Spin (Charyl Brusch)

Figure skating spin specialist Charyl Brusch teaches an illusion. The illusion falls under the “windmill” type spin in IJS language and is performed as part of a backspin. (A similar-looking spin done using the forward spin is called “bounces.”)

Charyl uses 2 primary methods in this video to teach an illusion. In the first method, she has the skater start in a back camel, and then start the up-and-down movement of the body while training to maintain the spin. In the second method, she teaches the skater to simply step into an illusion from the backspin entrance and letting the body go down immediately, then trying to extend the spin each time. There are lots of tips in this video including where to spin on the blade and how to align the body over the skate. Charyl also discusses arm variations and the need to bend or break from the hips and not the waist.

Keywords: figure skating illusion, illusion spin


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