Bounce Spin – Not an Illusion Spin (Bobbe Shire)

Spin specialist Bobbe Shire explains how she teaches what she calls “bounces.”  She notes that this falls under the “windmill spin” family in IJS language.  But she also notes that bounces are not the same as an illusion spin.  She explains the difference between bounces and an illusion.  An illusion is performed from a backspin or back camel while bounces are performed from a forward camel spin.

(NOTE: Many areas call bounces illusions, even though they are not technically illusions.  Even well-respected judges and coaches get this terminology wrong.  And many of the demonstrations of “illusions” on YouTube are really bounces.)

To do bounces, Bobbe starts from a forward camel.  She notes the skater cannot be a “noodle” meaning this spin requires body tension and core strength.  After 3 rotations in the camel, the skater can start the bounces by stretching the torso up first and then dropping the free leg.  After that, the skater should kick the free leg up behind them.  Bobbe wants the leg to be directly behind the skater with the skater remaining strongly over the skating hip.  To help the skater accomplish this, she has the skater reach toward the ice with the free hand.  Bobbe refers to this as having both opposite hand and foot down.

To start, she has the skater practice the movement at the wall.  This spin needs rhythm.  The strong kick behind forces the back down.  Then we get to see 3 different skaters demonstrate bounces.  This is helpful to understand the typical progress for this spin when first learning it.  It is also helpful to see the most common error of the skater drifting off the skating hip toward the free hip and it’s effects.


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