Advanced Layback Lesson (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch works with a skater on her layback and layback variations (side layback spin, haircutter spin, and Biellmann spin).  Notice how even with an advanced spinner, Charyl has the skater warm-up the back at the boards before attempting a layback.  The basic layback performed by this skater is worth modeling.

For the transition from the haircutter to the Biellmann, Charyl encourages the skater to keep the head back and keep the tension in the chest throughout.  The tendency for skaters to relax and lose the position during the transition can cause rocking on the blade and loss of spin speed, as Charyl discusses with this skater.  Charyl has the skater focus on “gripping” with the toe pick to prevent rocking back on the blade.


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