Advanced Spin Lesson (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch gives a spin lesson to a skater with advanced spinning skills.  Notice how even with her advanced skaters, Charyl starts the lesson with a basic upright back spin and works toward improvements (in this case, primarily head position).  The concept of feeling the collar of the skating jacket to keep the head up is a helpful trick.

On the sit-change-sit Charyl asks for a few changes, including alignment and free foot position.  She keeps asking for more ankle bend which is a great way to help a skater get lower in the spin as it pushes the skating knee forward and makes it easier to balance the position without having too much forward body lean.  For the forward camel, Charyl asks for changes to the skating side hand position.

The advanced spins near the end of the video include a very fast backward camel spin, and a spin combination (back camel with layover into heel stretch change foot into forward sit spin in clam position for 8 revolutions – a level 4 spin).  Lots of tips and ideas for improvements of these kinds of spins.


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