Pancake Spin Tips (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch offers some insights and tips for the sit spin variation commonly known as the pancake.  She begins by helping the skater get into the position while providing support.  Notice the detail of grabbing the blade and how to use the thigh for leverage.  Charyl wants the elbows down in the pancake and the center of the upper body directly over the skating knee and foot.

The demonstrator shows a number of pancakes and then back camel spins into pancakes.  Charyl offers insights about each spin attempt.  Notice the focus on getting to the pancake position quicker and more smoothly.  She also talks about continuing the spin during the change of position.  Charyl spends some time talking about how to use the pancake to maximize levels  in IJS.

This spin position is not as hard as it is often given credit for.  Charyl says, “It’s amazing how many people who are not very good spinners can actually do this position.”  At the end of the video she reviews the desired position.


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