Mushroom Spin Tips (Charyl Brusch)

In this short video, spin specialist Charyl Brusch offers some insights and tips for the sit spin variation commonly known as the mushroom or “sit back.”  This video is basically a continuation of the Charyl’s pancake video.  She notes that you can do a mushroom from a front sit or a back sit spin.  She places the skater into the desired position at a standstill.  Notice how the skater’s center (jacket zipper) is directly over her skating foot.  Common errors are for skaters to lean backwards or drop way to the inside edge (on forward sits).  They must instead really keep the upper body forward in this spin and focus on the alignment over the skate.

Notice how the demonstrator transitions from the standard front sit spin (sit front) to the mushroom.  Charyl notes that the mushroom tends to be easier on a front sit rather than a back sit.  From the back spin, it often takes too long to swing the leg around and the skater will slow down.  Charyl discusses the idea of “keeping the ankle really straight” meaning the ankle is not pronated or supinated (yes it’s bent forward).  She wants skaters to feel like they’re spinning on a flat.


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