Double Axel – Lesson, Tips, Motivation (Kori Ade)

World and Olympic coach Kori Ade continues a double axel lesson. The first part of this lesson is here. In this video, Kori  uses a wide variety of coaching techniques and teaching methods to help this skater. She begins by asking the skater to draw where the hands will hit the ice on a good fall. This is a reminder for the skater to stop the shoulder rotation and put the hands “inside” the circle. Although this does not explain how, skaters who think about it this way typically find a way to check the landing.

The next teaching method Kori uses is asking the skater to stay in tight with the arms and not check them out at all. She offers a fun way to keep the skater focused on this (Kori’s “magic checkout wand”). This concept prevents prematurely opening prior to landing, thereby raising the odds of getting the necessary full rotation. Kori also asks the skater to stop looking at the ice in the air and on the landing.

Kori then starts a discussion about what the coach can control and what the skater can control. This is a reminder to the skater that it is ultimately up to the skater to make changes. Notice how Kori words this in order to get the skater to “buy in” to the process. Then Kori has the skater land a double loop without checking out the arms, and notes that this movement and feeling can be used to learn the double axel landing.

The hop-to-air-position-landing drill is a common way for coaches to get skaters to quickly and strongly engage the core get the shoulders to “stop at the halfway point” of the jump. Even on double axel attempts where the shoulders don’t land to the axis side, Kori wants skaters to exaggerate this after the fact. She says, “Try to fake me out.” The final double axel attempt was probably the best of the lesson, with the most rotation in the air, but unfortunately ended in a fall.


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