Double Axel Lesson – Addressing Common Problems Part 2 (Kori Ade)

Olympic coach Kori Ade continues her lesson on the double axel with a skater at the 2015 G2C Supercamp (see Part 1 here). Here Kori starts by addressing the free leg position and movement.  She wants the free leg to be more collected under the skater to be able to move the leg sooner and quicker for the jump.  She notes that if a skater has the free leg too far back, it either takes too long to come through or it tends to go “around” rather than straight through. To address the free leg, Kori recommends a simple step forward rather than a push when transitioning from the back outside edge to the forward outside edge.

Notice the focus on position and control of the back outside edge.  The details here are often overlooked but all top coaches tend to start here because it’s hard to do the jump well and consistently if this position is not mastered.  Kori says, “The idea is that you can get to a position where you can step forward with very little movement.”  She temporarily removes the rhythm she worked on in the previous video and focuses here instead on control and stillness.  Kori continues to address small issues with this skater like keeping the right shoulder back during and after the step and closing the hip after the step.  She talks about why the open hip can be a significant problem for many skaters.

Next Kori uses a back pivot drill to work on the back edge and step forward and correct the path of the free leg in the jump.  She uses this for double axel attempts and focuses on staying in the rotational position.


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