Double Axel Lesson – Addressing Common Problems Part 1 (Kori Ade)

Olympic coach Kori Ade works works with a skater on double axel at the 2015 G2C Supercamp.  Kori begins by watching a single axel and then a double loop.  Kori focuses a lot on the concept of a “second up” which she uses to refer to the moment the body collects into the air position.  To get more air time, Kori asks the skater to enter the jump more slowly and use power rather than speed to create the lift.

The skater tries a double axel from a standstill and Kori immediately works with the skater to develop a pattern around the hockey circle that provides more speed and rhythm for the jump.  Kori demonstrates the pattern and has the skater do a single axel from the pattern.  After 2 attempts Kori asks the skater to have “softer knees” to try to get rid of the movement and “wiggles” in the setup.  She says, “When you hit the back outside edge, you need to be still.  So because you only have one beat I want you to get to that stillness as quickly as possible.”

The video ends with a better attempt at the jump based on the principles Kori is sharing.


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