Alternate Entry for Double Axel Development (Kori Ade)

World and Olympic coach Kori Ade gives a skater a double axel lesson and begins by having the skater draw the entry and take-off pattern on the ice. Here Kori is using a forward edge where the skater steps directly from forward on the non-take-off foot to forward on the take-off foot. This kind of entry can be helpful for skaters who have undesirable habits or movements when using the more common backward entry edge. As Kori explains throughout, the goal is to keep the movements calm and relaxed.

Kori wants a flat straight line preparation edge for this exercise, amd she wants the skater to understand how this relates to a large circle pattern. Coaches that have their skaters draw on the ice can quickly find potential problems with miscommunication or misunderstanding. The skater in the video turns briefly in the non-jump direction prior to the step. Kori says, “I don’t want to see you swerving. I want to see you standing and then leaving the circle with a soft curve. I don’t want your hips moving all over the place, because that would mean that when you’re setting up an axel (from a backward entry) you’re OK with a back edge that’s not stable.  And you’re really not. So that forward edge (or flat) is really representing your back edge. It’s the stability on your edge before you step forward.”


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