Double Salchow Tips (Kori Ade)

Kori Ade gives a double salchow lesson.  Kori’s skater in this video is having a difficult time kicking the foot through properly on the double.  Kori begins the lesson with some work on the single salchow, particularly related to the pivot through to forward prior to take-off.  Kori notes that the skater “got her foot through without finishing the inside edge.”  This “forced” salchow is very common during the development of this jump.  See how Kori addresses this problem with her skater.

Kori also spends some time in this video discussing the importance of skaters having jump patterns.  Consistent jump patterns establish good work habits and limit the number of possible variables that could go wrong in the jump.

In the skater’s first double attempt, she clearly does not “kick through” as Kori wants.  After some instruction the skater makes a much better attempt but falls.


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