Double Axel Lesson Using On-Ice Harness (Kori Ade)

Olympic coach Kori Ade works with a visiting skater on the double axel.  Kori starts the lesson by watching YouTube video of a triple axel.  Sometimes skaters need visual feedback to help them understand what they are trying to do.  And sometimes this kind of video can simply provide motivation for the skater.  In particular, Kori wants the skater to see a certain timing for the jump setup and take-off.

The first attempt at the double is well short but uses the timing Kori wants.  So Kori uses the on-ice harness to prevent bad falls and better understand the skater’s jump.  Notice the focus on making the take-off faster while covering less distance.  Kori is trying to help the skater generate more height while getting into rotation sooner.  The skater needs to be reminded to stay in the rotation position longer and straighten the air position.  Kori also reminds the skater to push up aggressively off the take-off leg.

Part of the value of this video is for coaches to see how Kori uses the on-ice harness.  Notice the skater is jumping “away” and all falls are away from the coach.


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