Attitude and Hair Cutter Spins (Charyl Brusch)

Figure skating spin specialist Charyl Brusch continues a spin lesson (see Part 1 here and Part 2 here) with emphasis on an upright attitude position as well as the hair cutter position. In the previous parts of the lesson, this skater worked on the basic sit spin as well as mushroom and camel positions.

This skater has a solid start on the upright attitude spin. Charyl wants to make sure the skater is fully aligned over the skating side, so she recommends the skater to pull the left (skating side) hip back. She also wants the skater to “get there quicker” so she has her “turn away from that foot (free foot) as fast as you can.” Charyl also wants this skater to lower the free leg position a little, and this is a common error for skaters who are quite flexible. The skater then gets the leg position correct but has a poor entry which resulted in a slow spin. Charyl commented, “Remember your speed is your balance so really get a good push into it.”

For the hair cutter spin, Charyl wants this skater to have more back bend with hips pressed more strongly forward and the free knee lower. This skater has excellent flexibility in the hips and can easily pull the free foot up (too far) to the head. Charyl works on keeping the free foot lower and the body more arched with the head more back. She wants the skater to think of the knees staying close together with the free knee pointed down at the ice. Next, Charyl focuses on the skating arm position, which feels strange to many skaters because it’s actually in front of the chest if the body is arched backward correctly. Charyl has the skater hold onto her glove to help understand the correct position. She also asks for a camel hair cutter combination mainly to see if this helps the spin speed in the hair cutter (from a stronger push into the camel spin).


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