Cross-Foot Spins: Learning a Cross Foot Spin (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch explains how she introduces the cross-foot spin.  As she describes, the cross foot spin is a spin on two feet with the feet crossed.  Just like any two foot spin, one foot is spinning forward and one is spinning backward.  One approach to introducing the spin is to have the skater start with a standard two foot spin, and then switch the feet (twist and cross).  Charyl quickly abandons this approach with this skater in favor of starting from the backspin on one foot and lowering the other foot to the ice.

As Charyl notes, this is a hard spin to master.  In fact, she tells us she probably would not even pursue this spin with the demonstrator in the video.  Much like a spread eagle, the cross-foot spin is much easier for skaters with natural hip turn-out.  Nevertheless, Charyl gives some great development tips for this spin, including bending the knees and pressing down on the heel of the “free” skate.


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