Important Universal Spin Tip (Charyl Brusch)

Figure skating spin specialist Charyl Brusch gives a spin lesson, focusing on upright scratch spin and sit spin. For very calm and gentle skaters, coaches often struggle to get strong pushes and aggressive edges. The primary solution is to keep asking for it, and to do exercises that train more aggressiveness in general.

The main value in this video is the exercise Charyl has the skater do at the wall. This exercise simulates the “hook” or that portion of the spin where the free leg goes from in back on the entry to in front for the spin (upright and sit spin). Notice the focus on bringing the leg/foot all the way around and actually kicking the wall.

But even more importantly, Charyl focuses on balance and this is a universal spin tip that helps skaters at every level. In this case, Charyl wants the skater to keep forward pressure on the blade throughout the free leg movement, as the skater is making the common mistake of going back on the heel after the free foot comes in front. Keeping forward pressure on the blade throughout the entry and throughout all spin transitions is one of the biggest challenges faced by all skaters in spinning.


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