Spin Tips for Mushroom and Camel (Charyl Brusch)

Figure skating spin specialist Charyl Brusch continues a spin lesson (see Part 1 here) with emphasis on a sit back position or mushroom and the basic camel spin. In the previous part of the lesson, this skater worked on the basic sit spin.

The sit back variation or mushroom is new to this skater, so we get to see how Charyl teaches it and what the focus points are. As usual, Charyl assists the skater in getting into the correct position at a standstill, with an emphasis on how to grab the free foot and where to place the body for correct alignment and balance. The big tip here is getting the center of the body over the skating foot, and this initially feels uncomfortable for many skaters who simply want to be in a “squared off” position that won’t balance correctly. The two-foot-flat-back exercise is excellent for teaching skaters how aggressively they need to bend the knees and keep the body forward, as well as how to align the upper body over the skating foot. Another valuable tip is to keep the elbows down and near the sides of the legs. All spins with complicated and difficult positions and movements are easier with more spin speed, so focusing on basic spins really helps when learning variations.

For the camel spin, Charyl has the skater do a spiral, which is significantly better than the camel position. Charyl assists the skater to get into a good “spiral” position at the wall in an attempt to get a better spinning camel position. Skaters often need to simply feel the correct position over and over to progressively improve the camel spin.


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