Improving an Attitude Spin (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch works with a skater on her attitude spin.  The attitude spin is a foundational spin that provides some basics to be used later when a skater learns a layback.  The attitude spin is an important skill to master.  In this video, we get to see how Charyl approaches the spin with a skater who can rotate the spin but is struggling a bit with the position.

Charyl brings the skater to the wall and works on the position there.  She wants the hips as square as possible and against the wall.  The skating leg should be straight.  And the upper part of the free leg needs to be turned out without letting the free hip drift back too far.  The lower part of the free leg is bent back behind the skater with the knee and foot flat to the ice.  Charyl does a drill with the skater to help the skater feel the proper transition from the initial spin position to the attitude position.

As with the skater in this video, many will let their upper body lean over to the free side.  Charyl addresses this by asking the skater to place the free arm and hand higher and further over the skating side.  When this doesn’t work, she switches the arm positions to get better alignment.  Notice how Charyl assists the skater with the entry to the spin to create more spin speed and better centering in order to work on the position.


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