Using the Split Jump for Standard Toe Jump Development (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger continues her discussion of the split jump (see Part 1 and Part 2).  In this video she focuses on the split toe loop, the split flip, and the split lutz.  Audrey spends considerable time explaining why these jump drills are important for developing toe jumps with more flow, power, and height.  She also sees tremendous value in developing quickness needed for these split jumps in terms of snapping into the rotational position for triples (and doubles).

Audrey notes that getting a full split is not really important for these drills to provide value.  Snapping or “turning the landing foot under” is an important skill.  Because split flips and split lutzes can be scary to learn initially, Audrey recommends landing on 2 feet in the “alignment position” which she demonstrates.  Audrey acknowledges that we don’t want skaters to “hang themselves out in the air too long before they start rotation, especially if you want them to start doing triple jumps.  We all know tightest position as soon as possible is advantageous.  So there are dangers in having skaters delay the rotation too much.  But it’s been my experience that most skaters need to learn to jump and fly a little bit more these days.”

Audrey notes that a split lutz can be an effective training tool for skaters who change edge on the lutz (making it a flutz).  The split helps them focus less on starting the rotation too early and that often help properly finish the edge.

Audrey also explains how to motivate skaters to work on this skill.  The benefits down the road can be huge.


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