Using Split Jump for Double Flip Development – Split Flip (Trevor Laak)

Jump specialist and video analyst Trevor Laak discusses how and why he uses the split jump and split flip as a development tool for double flip.  This is the second follow-up to the analysis video Trevor recorded on a single flip with excessive shoulder rotation (see original analysis here).  See Part 1 of the follow-up here discussing the “guard arm” and “big circle arm” drills.

Trevor begins by referencing the split jump videos of Audrey Wiesiger (Split Jump Part 1 and Split Jump Part 2) as a way to initially build or improve a split jump.  The goal with using the split jump is to keep the flip jump straight with maximum flow.  After a skater has a decent split jump in terms of timing and flow (quality of the split isn’t very important when developing the double flip), Trevor teaches the skater a “split flip” which is a split jump take-off where the skater pulls in just enough and internally rotates the landing leg just enough to land backward.

The idea with the split flip is to maintain the flow and timing of the split jump while doing the full flip.  This process changes the movement pattern of most skaters in a way that dramatically reduces shoulder swinging and twisting on the flip.  Trevor points out the loss of flow by the demonstrator resulting from the skater dropping the free hip on landing.

For skaters having problems with excessive shoulder movements and rotation, thinking about a “split double flip” can be very helpful.  If the skater can execute the split flip take-off with a bit less split and quickly get to a decent air position, the skater can learn a more desirable feeling for the double.  Trevor recommends making the first attempts at split double flip in a harness.


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