Edge Drill for Loop Jump (Audrey Weisiger)

In this figure skating video, Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger discusses and demonstrates an edge drill to improve the loop jump take-off.  The drill starts by gliding backward on a flat in loop jump preparation position and deepening the back outside edge before pivoting to forward and turning on the bottom toe pick.  The drill is designed to help skaters learn how to use the backward outside edge to properly generate rotational energy for the loop jump using the blade on the ice.  Generating rotation on the ice is a crucial concept skaters must learn to master a loop jump.  This becomes particularly critical for double loops and triple loops.

One common error Audrey discusses and corrects is the skater’s tendency to turn the upper body with the pivot.  She corrects this error by having skaters face the direction they came from during the entire drill.  Another common error Audrey discusses is the incorrect weight distribution on the blade.  If the weight is too far back on the blade, the skater runs the risk of falling backward off the heel (and may not be able to generate rotation from the ice).  If the weight is too far forward on the blade, the jump entry is too scratchy and energy is lost due to the toe pick digging into the ice.

Audrey offers additional insights for proper execution of this drill, including pressing on the ball of the foot and little toe, bending the skating knee, and turning the hip all at once.   It’s also important to press on the edge and roll to the ball of the foot at the same time.  This combination of rotational and downward directional forces will help the skater generate the correct amount of rotation quickly on the ice from the backward outside edge.

This is a particularly effective drill for skaters transitioning from the forward inside three turn entry on the single loop to the standard backward outside edge entry.  It is also an outstanding drill for all skaters working on double loops as a way to properly generate the rotational energy for the additional rotation in the air.


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