Split Jump: How to do a Split Jump – Part 1 (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger explains how she introduces the split jump to a skater for the first time and how she builds it into a competent element.  She begins by putting the skater in T position and explaining and demonstrating the basic movement of the split and jump.  She then explains how the split happens, with the body up and more lift focus on the front leg than on the back leg.

Notice how Audrey uses the wall to build confidence with the position and movement.  The classic “wall stretch” when done correctly is very beneficial for the split jump position.

Next Audrey focuses on jump direction and she explains to skaters the jump needs to go in a straight line, rather than on a curve.  For the jump to go straight, Audrey shares a secret that few coaches and even fewer skaters seem to know.  The split “feels” like it initiates forward but at an angle, not directly in the jump direction.  Audrey also mentions in passing this important tip:  “The left foot glides up into the air.  It skates past the right toe.”

For landing she says, “When you land, your left foot comes down slightly in front of the body.”  This prevents the falling forward look that so many skaters have on split jump landings.  To end the video, she talks about posture and keeping the body up and she offers a great tip.


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