Drills for Loop Combination Jumps (Audrey Weisiger)

Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger discusses valuable drills for improving combination jumps with the loop jump as the second or third jump in the combination.  This is a continuation of Audrey’s discussion of combination jumps with the loop as the second or third jump.  The wall drill that Audrey recommends is similar to the wall drill for toe loop combinations she discussed in another video.

Audrey takes a moment to explain the wall drill in detail as the direction is a bit tricky to figure out if we just tell a skater to push off the wall and do a loop or double loop (or triple loop).  She explains the tracing as a letter “C.”  She also talks about a series of single loops followed by backspin.  The ability to make ankle contact on single loop jumps also works the quickness necessary to do good loop combinations.  She also discusses the rolling back outside-forward inside three entrance.  Audrey also discusses 4 optional loop entries she uses to develop mastery of the loop or double loop or triple loop outside of the combination.  Audrey says, “This creates versatility, and it’s good for choreographers too.”  Obviously a stronger base jump will make the combination easier.

Audrey closes with a strong statement that resonates with most good coaches.  Some skaters can only do jumps from certain entrances and certain places on the ice surface.  This is a major warning sign.  Audrey says, “Those kids that say ‘But I can only do it one way,’ it means you have a flaw in your basic foundation on that jump.”


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