Teaching a Skidded Axel Take-Off – Part 1 (Chris Conte)

Figure skating coach and choreographer Chris Conte explains and demonstrates how he begins teaching a skidded axel take-off.  This video follows naturally from the earlier series Chris did on skids and stops (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5).  As Chris explains, teaching an axel with a skid has benefits, primarily for young men who may be doing triple axels someday.  And although he doesn’t say it, the same logic applies to young ladies who will be athletically challenged eventually by a double axel.  Most elite athletes skid the take-off for triple axel, implying there is an underlying efficiency or consistency to the technique.

To begin, Chris starts with the hockey glide.  In the hockey glide or hockey lunge, the skater can get used to pressing the axel take-off foot forward.  This allows the skater to create more edge pressure and effectively use the axel take-off leg as a pole vault.

Next, Chris demonstrates a hockey glide with a skid.  He shows the progression of the skid and how it increases in width, including how it ends with a stop.  Chris says, “It winds up with a stopping point with the blade sideways.  To me that’s ideal.”


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