Skids and Stops, Part 2 – Slideboard Drill for Power (Chris Conte)

Chris Conte continues his multi-part series on skids and stops.  In Part 1 he covered T-stops.  In this video, Chris introduces the slideboard drill for helping develop the inside edge skid as well as power generation in stroking, particularly in back crossovers.

Chris explains how the power is generated in the push and how it relates to the first push in backward crossovers (not the undercut push).  He demonstrates how to start slow and build mastery of this drill, in which skaters skid quite far as a result of the power they are generating.  Chris says, “Their skid should travel.”  He talks about stabilizing the upper body with a hockey stick or similar item.  He also talks about initially dragging the bottom toe pick after the push, and doing the more advanced version without dragging the toe pick.

The crossover demonstrations and details regarding the push are valuable.  Chris wants the pushes on the crossovers to be equal.  Notice how the first push is similar to the push in the slideboard drill.  At speed, pushing directly into the circle is a great way to generate more power.


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