Teaching a Skidded Axel Take-Off – Part 2 (Chris Conte)

Figure skating coach and choreographer Chris Conte continues his presentation on how he begins teaching a skidded axel take-off.  In the first part, Chris introduced the topic and demonstrated how he begins the process with the hockey glide.  In this video, he presents much more detail on the hockey glide.

Chris explains how he uses his own body as a guide for his skaters to develop the proper “feeling” for the lunge and the skid.  Once they start to get comfortable with that, Chris takes them to a large hockey circle and has them repeatedly practice the hockey glide into a skidded stop.  He demonstrates this a number of time and focuses on the importance of the skater pressing the skid foot forward.  He explains the process in detail for clarity here, but notes that he does not usually discuss these details with his skaters (who typically don’t need to know the details).

The skid must remain back on the blade and not rock toward the toe until the last moment to maximize the jump energy up and off the toe pick.  Chris says, “I want a super quick rock at the end of the skid.”  If the skater presses the foot forward too far and catches the outside edge, the blade will be begin to “bounce.”


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