Skids and Stops, Part 3 – One Foot Hockey Stops and Tango Stops (Chris Conte)

Chris Conte continues his multi-part series on skids and stops.  In Part 1 he covered T-stops.  In Part 2 he introduced the slideboard drill.  In this video, Chris discusses drills for building skidding mastery.  He also discusses the”one foot hockey step” and the “tango stop” in detail.

To start, Chris shows how the one foot hockey stop follows naturally from the slideboard drill.  He then demonstrates some “down ice” skid exercises starting with repeated T-stops.  These drills focus on repetition to develop mastery and they also develop powerful pushes.

Next Chris introduces the tango stop and describes the process he uses to build it up.  His discussion focuses on the feet and lower body but he does mention a common problem with alignment.  Also, watch his demonstrations to see proper arm movement and position for the tango stop.  Repeated tango stops quickly build confidence and complete mastery of this skill.

Chris finishes with a discussion of how we could include some of these stops in the moves-in-the-field curriculum here in the United States.


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