Skids and Stops, Part 4 – Skidded Turns (Chris Conte)

Chris Conte continues his multi-part series on skids and stops.  In Part 1 he covered T-stops.  In Part 2 he introduced the slideboard drill.  In Part 3 he shared some drills for building skidding mastery and discussed the ”one foot hockey stop” and the “tango stop” in detail.  In this video, Chris talks about and demonstrates skidded turns.

Chris starts with probably the easiest skidded turn, the skidded forward inside 3 turn.  The push and skid into the turn are essentially identical to Chris’s slideboard drill.  He says, “I just allow the lower body to rotate.”  He wants the turn to be created using edge pressure rather than shoulder twist.  Chris also demonstrates the back outside skidded 3-turn and the forward outside 3-turn (helpful for skidded axel development).

Next Chris shows skidded forward inside rockers.  He continues by says, “Skidding counters is a little more difficult” but he goes on to show a back inside skidded counter to a pause which offers some great choreographic possibilities.

At the end of the video, Chris talks about why skids and skidded turns are important.  He acknowledges that most skaters would rather work on other skills and it can be challenging convincing them to work on skids.  But as he notes, skids and skidded turns help build absolute mastery of edges, and at a very fundamental level, that’s what skating is about.


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