Camel, Catch Foot Camel Tips (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch continues a spin lesson with a young skater. In the previous videos from this lesson, Charyl covered upright spins and sit spins. In this video, the focus is on the basic forward camel spin and a catch foot camel.

In terms of this skater’s basic camel spin, Charyl tries to correct the skating side arm, including both the timing and positioning. These are common errors so this focus will help many who see this video. Sweeping the skating side hand back during the hook into the spin with the palm facing backwards should be avoided mainly because it rounds the skating shoulder down and in. Similarly, letting the skating side arm and hand drift downward in the spin can create a tilted camel position that is difficult to control and should be avoided as the base camel position. Charyl fixes this by holding the skater’s arm on the entrance with the palm facing down and having the skater lift the skating side arm during the spin. This also delays the “sweeping motion” which creates a stronger hook.

For the catch foot camel, Charyl notes that it is desirable to avoid the droopy “slumped over the steering wheel” intermediate position just prior to the grab. She offers some tips to help the skater keep the knee up and allow for an easier grab, although this skater struggles with this concept. One tip that helps many skaters is to keep the free knee pulled back and up to allow the free foot to remain up and be off the plane of the body during the knee bend. This helps with both reducing spin speed for the catch and making the free foot very easy to find and grab.


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