Spin Tips During Lesson (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch continues a spin lesson with a young skater. In the first video from this lesson, Charyl covered upright spins and sit spins and in the second video she focused on the forward camel spin and a catch foot camel. In this video, they work on camel catch foot to back sit spin combo as well as stepping directly into back camel from a forward inside edge.

For the camel catch foot to back sit spin combo, Charyl reminds the skater to stay forward on the blade during the transition to the catch foot. This skater is unwilling to sit all the way down for the back sit spin and Charyl recommends trying to get to the proper sit position faster, rather than slowly moving into the position which requires more strength. Charyl notes, “Let it sit quicker. You’ll get there quicker. It’ll actually be easier.” Notice the desired step position for the switch to the backspin foot at 1:15. Many skaters lack the proper arm and shoulder position and body alignment as well as the wide step. Another tip from Charyl to help skaters get lower on the back sit is to get the knees together, with the free knee going “right under” the skating knee.

For the back camel, the skater is struggling to center the spin. Charyl explains the skater is “turning early” and not waiting long enough on the entrance edge to create a proper hook. She offers some hands-on coaching to help with spin speed and centering, and then notes the skater needs to initially turn into the spin on the “big toe.” She also offers more tips like mastering the inside spiral, and remaining over the skating side more strongly on the entrance. For the spin itself, she recommends staying forward on the blade and trying to make “little circles.” This seems obvious once a skater gets to this skating level, but this reminder can be particularly helpful.


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