Spin Tips for Adult Skaters – Part 2 (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch continues a short series of videos discussing adult skaters and their specific issues in terms of spinning. She offers many tips for working with adult skaters to help them improve their spins. See Part 1 here.

In Part 2 below, Charyl begins by explaining that for many adult skaters, thinking of spinning on a flat is more effective than thinking about spinning on a inside (or outside) edge. Adults often take instruction very literally, so asking for an edge can easily cause too much edge. Charyl wants the ankle to be straight up and down on the skating foot.

Because many adult skaters are fearful of spinning fast and losing control, Charyl has them focus on coordinated movements of the arms and legs. By focusing on the movements, the spin speed gradually increases naturally. Charyl also asks for extra pressure into the ice as a way to keep the skater forward on the blade and their muscles engaged. A common issue for adults is many are uncomfortable picking up the free foot. But Charyl thinks this is important and works on the positions she wants. She talks about the alignment she’s looking for and she describes it as a popsicle.

Charyl continues by acknowledging that spins typically get more stable as they spin faster, so she encourages adults to spin faster to develop more comfort. She says, “If you’ll trust yourself and create that momentum, you’ll spin easier, you’ll have more speed, you’ll center it better. So every aspect of that is going to make your spin easier.”

To help avoid the tension and stiffness that many adult skaters have when they spin, Charyl focuses on positions and gets the skater used to the positions by gliding forward and backward in the desired positions.


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