Sit Spin Tips for Adult Skaters (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch shares her thoughts about common problems that adult skaters face when learning the sit spin.  Because most adult skaters don’t want to fall, they often round their back, sit too far back, and have their free leg too high.  This throws off the balance of the spin and makes it impossible to get down into the proper sit position.  She says, “The first thing I try to get an adult to do when they’re doing a sit spin is get their free foot as close to the ice as they can.”  She continues, “So if you can really work on getting the free leg as close to the ice as you can it takes your whole body forward to get into that sitting position.”

Some adults drop too low but Charyl does not want “their bottom on the back of their foot” since it take the weight to the heel of the skate and raises the odds of falling down.    Another common issue is doing the forward sit spin on a forward outside edge.  Charyl explains why it happens and how she corrects it.  Many adults keep the upper body too upright which again, takes the weight to the back of the blade.  She says, “I really do stress trying to get forward and bending from the hips.”  She also tries to get the hands lower to fix common shoulder issues.


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